- ISO9001
   - RoHS
   - Temperature/Humidity Chamber
   - Ultra Low IM Measurement System
   - High Power Microwave Signal

ADMOTECH Inc. has begun operation with the goal of designing and manufacturing the best RF and microwave components and integrated assemblies in the world.

Today, in the highly competitive component and integrated assembly industry, ADMOTECH continues to set the standard of excellence as a worldwide leader in the supply of RF and microwave filters.

ADMOTECH Inc. has established a management philosophy of continuous improvement, which is accomplished through implementation of best-in-class business processes. Our reputation for quality is based on our commitment to superior customer satisfaction.

ADMOTECH Inc. understands that quality must be built into every product, process and system, everyday. Our Quality Policy applies to all employees and is embraced throughout the entire organization.

It states, "ADMOTECH is committed to become a Total Quality Leader by continually innovating and striving to exceed our Customer's expectations while advancing the next generation of energy today." We achieve our Quality Policy by implementing quality strategies that include:

Embrace a simple and straight forward methodology of quality deployment throughout all of our products, processes, and systems.

Establish and maintain our Quality Management System through planning, control, continual improvement, and partnering with our Customers and Suppliers to drive product satisfaction and safety.

Use the process management approach to drive continual improvement.

Be compliant to ISO 9001:2000 standards company-wide while attaining registration.

Assure discipline and consistency for product development processes, emphasizing prevention as a way of life.

Manage operational processes to drive continual improvement and Customer Satisfaction.

Involve Suppliers as partners for Quality Excellence.

Mistake-proofing & Repeatable Perfection.

Assure product safety and reliability for customer's proper product end-use.